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A Letter to New Teachers: Wisdom for All

August 3rd, 2011 · No Comments

As I catch up on my summer reading,  I found an inspirational April blog post by Ryan Bretag.  In this post, he provides advice to new teachers that I believe is great advice for all of us.  Here’s a snippet of what he says:

Open the World to Your Students and Open Your Students to  the World
Linking technology, engagement, and learners with powerful instruction is a must in the 21st Century. Do it! Don’t be afraid.

… Keep Your Values of Choice, Community, Discovery, and Play Intact These four unlock the door to engagement and passion-driven learning environment. Live by these and bring these to all you do. Your scholars will grow in all facets of life because of the relationship you form around these values. Don’t let the push to tell you “what and how to teach” ever change this about you. Have fun! Teaching and learning are fun!

If you are interested in reading the post in its entirety, click here: Ryan’s commentary on the centrality of student engagement in classrooms is  spot on!

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