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Bedford High School Teachers Participate in Special Project with Burlington and Andover

June 28th, 2011 · No Comments

With the start of summer break, a cohort of Bedford High School teachers joined colleagues from Burlington and Andover as we begin a regional effort to develop online curriculum and textbooks.  Teachers have participated in mini-workshops with Apple to learn ePublishing and other applications as preparation for our iPad initiative.

The work we are beginning is already well underway in the state of Virginia.   Researchers from the Virginia Department of Education have documented their success in developing student centered  digital classrooms of the future using  1:1 devices such as iPads as classroom tools for all students.  If you are interested in reading this report, click here:

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Superintendent’s Goals: 2010-2011

June 17th, 2011 · No Comments

The final report on the Superintendent’s Goals for 2010-2011 was presented to the Bedford School Committee on June 14th.  If you are interested in reviewing the PowerPoint presentation, click here:–2011.pdf

For the full report on the goals, click here:

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1:1 Initiatives in Bedford

June 15th, 2011 · 1 Comment

Last evening the Bedford School Committee approved the lease purchase agreement for the iPad2 Pilot Project at Bedford High School.  This morning the Bedford Education Association approved the funding for an iPad2 Project at the Lane School.  This is very exciting news on the educational front as we begin to transform our classrooms to more Personalized Learning Environments for students.  As we move in this direction, we are focused on developing learners as critical and creative thinkers able to  find information, make informed decisions about content and create new content using the sophisticated digital tools we have placed at their fingertips.  In Bedford we have a talented faculty that is eager to create this new learning environment where teachers and students have the opportunity to  engage in even more powerful learning partnerships.

The state of Iowa has blazed the 1:1 path for us; in September, they will   have 100 schools with 1:1 initiatives in place.  The Iowa Independent recently penned an article on that state’s efforts to change the learning environment.  If you are interested in reading about their work, click here:

One-to-one Schools ‘Step through the Looking Glass

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